Parent Teacher Council

    The school has a strong and effective Parent Teacher Council (PTC).  This council is elected on yearly basis to form an executive body every year.  The committee comprises 22 members of which 15 are parents and 5 are teachers.  The chairman is the Principal of the Vidyalaya and Vice Principal officiates as the member secretary. The PTC General body was convened on 03/07/2016. 15 Parents and 5 teachers representatives were selected.  PTC council meeting was conducted on every month(Second Sunday).

Various welfare measures of the vidyalaya
1.  The parents visiting the vidyalaya on second Sundays and meeting the class teachers,subject teachers between 11-00am to 12.00noon and knowing about the progress of the their wards in academic and other activities.
2.  The safety and security of the students.
3.  Maintaining the cleanliness of the dormitories and School campus.
4. About providing hot water to the students in cold season.
4. About providing hot water to the students in cold season.

S.No Name of Office Bearer Capacity Block  Phone No.
1 Sh. S. Stephen Jeayaraj Chairman Principal JNV-Chitradurga
2 Sh. B. Radhakrishnan Member, Secertary Vice principal JNV-Chitradurga
3 Mr. K.P. Sudhakaran Teacher Member JNV-Chitradurga
4 Mr. S.S. Mohan Kumar Teacher Member JNV-Chitradurga
5 Mr. G. Venkatesh Teacher Member JNV-Chitradurga
6 Mrs. V.K. Jaya Teacher Member JNV-Chitradurga
7 Mrs. C. Sharmila Teacher Member JNV-Chitradurga
8  Mrs. Dr. Geetha Shyamsunder Member JNV- Chitradurga 9844443321
9  Mr. Jayanaik Member JNV- Chitradurga 9741443630
10  Mr. K.M. Lakshmana Member JNV- Chitradurga 9900593685
11  Mr. Erlingagowda Member JNV- Chitradurga 9880310599
12  Mr. Sadashivaiah . R Member JNV- Chitradurga 9880030321
13  Ms. Chandrakala Member JNV- Chitradurga 8050206416
14  Mr. Hanumantha Naik S Member JNV- Chitradurga 9972973086
15  Mr. Ravi Kumar. Y Member JNV- Chitradurga 9449321862
16  Ms. Vasantha . V Member JNV- Chitradurga 9590475775
17  Mr. Gopal Naik Member JNV- Chitradurga 9739681688
18  Ms. Manjula .G.V Member JNV- Chitradurga 9535910206
19  Mr. Bojaraju Member JNV- Chitradurga 9722722716
20  Ms. Pushpa .V Member JNV- Chitradurga 9740589922
21  Mr. Gururaj T Member JNV- Chitradurga 9901717323
22 Mr. N. Indira Member JNV- Chitradurga 9481722062