JNV Chitradurga visualizes providing good quality modern education to the talented students predominantly from rural areas, irrespective of their socio-economic status, through the use of modern techniques and pedagogy, in a stress free environment to make the learning a joyful experience.

We aim……

  • To nurture and promote the talent and creativity of the students by providing them best opportunities and resources to make them more resourceful, innovative, creative, competitive, cooperative, collaborative, adaptive, and productive members of ever changing global society.
  • To develop integrated personality of the students under residential co-educational setup leading to character building through value orientation and ultimately developing students to be good human beings and an asset to our Nation.
  • To make our JNV as an excellent pace setting school in the District with regards to sharing of resources and expertise with neighboring schools for improving quality of education.
  • To be a Brand Name in the field of global school education system.
  • To provide awareness among the students for protection of environment by planning more trees, landscaping, and green auditing.
  • To make the staff and students more conscious of the safety and security inside and outside the JNV campus by organizing workshops, seminars, lectures, and mock drills related to the issues of safety and security at the Vidyalaya Level.
  • To empower teachers through a comprehensive schedule of training for professional development.


The Vidyalaya will make class rooms self sufficient for transacting digital lessons, enhance proficiency in ICT and Learning process, carryout office work through online process ,ensuring integrity and transparency, contributing to Digital India Policy in a phased manner.